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Monday, June 27, 2011

Vaishno Devi Yatra Do's

Before proceeding for the Yatra, do obtain a Yatra slip from Yatra Registration Counter, near Bus Stand, Katra without which one can not proceed beyond Banganga Check Post.

Do get your room reservation done from the Central Office, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board , Katra in case you want to avail rented accommodation at Adhkawari, Sanji Chhat or Bhavan.

Do seek permission from Central Office for using Video Cameras/Handy Cam.

Do confirm the rates of the Porters, Ponies and Palkis before hiring them & ensure that the Porter or the man accompanying the ponies has a valid registration card.

Do obtain a cash receipt for any cash paid at the Shrine Board outlets.

Do put your offerings in the donations boxes kept at various locations or deposit your donations at the donation counters against a proper receipt.

On arrival at Bhavan, do obtain the group number at the Yatra Slip Check Post to get into the queue for Darshans.

Do abide by the procedures and wait for your turn for the Darshans.

Do bathe and wear clean clothes before you enter the queue for the Darshans.

While inside the sanctum sanctorum, do focus your attention on the Holy Pindis of the Goddess and not on any Murtis or idols, as the Goddess has manifested Herself in the form of the Holy Pindis.

Do keep the environment clean. Throw your disposables in the dustbins only.

For any kind of Assistance Do contact offices of

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board at:

Room No. 8, Kalika Bhavan, Bhavan.

Office of the Incharge Sanji Chhat

Office of the Asstt. Manager, Adhkawari.

Office of the Asstt. Manager, Banganga.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer, Central Office, Katra.

Do Co-operate with the security agencies for security checks.

Do help out the Co-Pilgrims and respect their sentiments.

Do take proper care of your cash and belongings and beware of any theft or pick-pockets.

Do bear with the Management during the ‘Morning’ and ‘Evening Aarti’ when the Darshans are closed for about two hours each day.


Don’t come to the Holy Shrine for any purpose other than the Darshans of the Deity.

Don’t carry too much jewellery or cash with you.

Don’t each Non-Vegetarian food.

Don’t Smoke or Consume Liquor or other intoxicants whilst on the pilgrimage.

Don’t Play Cards/Chew Pans at Bhavan and enroute.

Don’t throw plastic bags or other disposable on the track, instead use the dustbins provided alongside the track.

Don’t use Soaps or Oils at Bathing Ghats.

Don’t attempt to use stairs closed for repairs or the shortcuts during the pilgrimage. It can be dangerous.

Don’t leave your luggage with strangers instead deposit the same in the Cloak Rooms at various locations.

Don’t eat any thing offered by a stranger.

Don’t paste posters or mutilate the property of the Shrine Board as the same is an offence under the J&K Defacement of Property Act.

Don’t rush for Darshans, but move along a queue and keep patience.

Don’t encourage begging on the track.

Don’t Chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ aloud when inside the cave for Darshans in order to facilitate the Yatris ahead of you, to have proper Darshans of the deity. Chant ‘Jai Mata Di’ in your heart instead.

Don’t offer any cash or jewellery in front of the Holy Pindis rather put the same in the Donation Boxes/Jewellery Boxes.

Don’t attempt to offer any illegal gratification to any functionary of the Shrine Board or any tout for obtaining any out of the turn favours.

Don’t carry any leather items, cameras, combs, pens, cigarettes, weapons or any other prohibited object while getting into the queue for Darshans.

Don’t go to Bhairon Temple before having the Darshans of the Holy Deity at Bhavan. This is prohibited by tradition.

Don’t play stereos very loudly whilst on the pilgrimage or play film songs.

Don’t crowd the place just outside the exit tunnel, instead keep moving.

Don’t rush in for Darshans or crowd the entry point of the queue. Wait for the turn of your group number and get into the queue only when your group number is announced on the Public Address System.

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