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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Aarti Shri Ambe Ji Ki

Jai Ambe Gauri, Mayya Jai Shyama Gauri
Tumko Nish-Din Dhyavat, Hari Brahma Shivri [1] Jai Ambe Gauri
Maang Sindoor Virajat, Tiko Mrig-Mad Ko
Ujjwal Se Dou Naina, Chandra Vadan Niko [2] Jai Ambe Gauri
Kanak Samaan Kalewar, Raktaambar Raaje
Rakt Pushp Gal-Mala, Kanthan Par Saaje [3] Jai Ambe Gauri
Kehri Vahan Rajat, Kharag Khapar DhaariSur Nar Muni Jan Sevat,
Tinke Dukh Haari [4] Jai Ambe Gauri
Kanan Kundal Shobhit , Naas-Agre Moti
Kotik Chandra Divakar, Sum Rajat Jyoti [5] Jai Ambe Gauri
Shumbh Ni-Shumbh Vidare, Mahisha Sur Ghati
Dhumra-Vilochan Naina, Nish-Din Mad Mati [6] Jai Ambe Gauri
Chandh Mundh Sangh-Haare, Shonit Beej Hare
Madhu Kaitabh Dou Maare, Sur Bhe Heen Kare [7] Jai Ambe Gauri
Brahmani Rudrani, Tum Kamla Rani
Aagam Nigam Bakhani, Tum Shiv Patrani [8] Jai Ambe Gauri
Chon-Sath Yogini Gavat, Nritya Karat Bhairon
Baajat Taal Mridanga, Aur Baajat Damaroo [9] Jai Ambe Gauri
Tum Ho Jag Ki Maata, Tum Hi Ho Bharta
Bhakto Ki Dukh Harata, Sukh Sampati Karata [10] Jai Ambe Gauri
Bhuja Chaar Ati Shobhit, Var Mudra Dhaari
Man Vaanchit Phal Pavat, Sevat Nar Naari [11] Jai Ambe Gauri
Kanchan Thaal Virajat, Agar Kapoor Baati
Shri Maal-Ketu Me Rajat, Kotik Ratan Jyoti [12] Jai Ambe Gauri
Shri Ambe-Ji-Ki Aarti, Jo Koi Nar Gaave
Kahat Shivanand Swami, Sukh Sampati Paave [13] Jai Ambe Gauri

English Translation

Glory to you, O divine Mother Gauri, glory to you, O Parvati, who are so rich in maiden grace , the object of daily meditation by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. O Ambe! On your forehead is a mark of vermilion along with a mark of musk . Your twin eyes are bright and your face beautiful as the moon. Your body with a tinge of gold is beautifully dressed in red attire; on your throat there is a wreath of red blossoms like a beautiful necklace. Your vehicle, the lion, is, O Mother in keeping with your majestic form; you hold a sword and a skull in your hands, and on you attend the gods, hermits, men and your devotees, whose grief you drive away. You are adorned with rings on your ears and with pearl on the tip of your nose, your radiance looks as beautiful as that of myriad of moons and suns. O slayer of the demon Mahish, you tore apart the bodies of Shumbha, Nishumbha and Dhuumravilochana. Your eyes reflected a frenzy of wrath everyday and night. You are the beloved companion of Brahma, Rudra and Vishnu. The Vedas and the Shastras describe you as the queen companion of Shiva Sixty-four Yoginis chorus your glory and glorify you, while Shiva dances in tune to the accompaniment of the sound of tambour and drum . You are mother of the universe, the almighty, its sustainer, reliever of your devotees' hardships and bestower of prosperity and happiness The four arms you have adorned your person, while the hand raised in benediction reveals your compassionate aspect. Those among men and women who wait on you and worship you have all their wishes fulfilled. In a golden platter are beautifully laid aloe and camphor, both of which have lighted; and the radiance of your forehead is reflecting the splendour of gems.

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