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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mathura Daan Ghati Temple

Daan-Ghati is one of the two main temple constructions in Goverdhan, close to Mathura, India. The structure of the other temple is famed as “Dasvisa”.

Inside the temple of Daan Ghati, there is a beautiful deity who is in the form of a rock actually. It is belief that every year, the deity of Daan Ghati temple is to be going down on the earth by the minority millimeters. According to local citizens, they are sure regarding this matter but there is a lake of scientific proof.

After the period of time, slowly the place of the main shrine of the town has been taken over by the Daan Ghati temple. Another fact added that there has been quite a little of commercialization of the temple structure.

Regeneration of this temple was started by a Daan-Ghati management committee. In 1970, Daan Ghati temple was constituted by Late Shri Gopal Prasad Kaushik. - One of the well-known citizens of the town.

With the passing of the time, the committee was handled by different people at dissimilar times. Common place is lobbying there and latterly a government appointed receiver who is in charge of the temple management and also he has the responsibility to run the temple.

This place has become an interesting place for tourist and commercial interests are also growing.

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