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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vaishnodevi Trip

Vaishnodevi is one of the most well-known pilgrimage spots in India. It is located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and is visited by thousands of travelers and pilgrims from all over the world. Vaishnodevi is the second most visited religious shrine in India and experiences huge inflow of pilgrims.

Vaishnodevi is located in the town of Katra and is a part of the Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir in north India. It is dedicated to the mother goddess and is a manifestation of strength and beauty. The temple is located atop a hill. Goddess Vaishnodevi is also referred to as Mata Rani or Vaishnavi.

The temple of Vaishnodevi is located at an altitude of around 5200 feet and is around 12 kms away from the town of Katra. It is surrounded by snow capped mountains on all sides. Although it can be visited all over the year, the ideal time for coming to the place is between the months of March and September. The weather in this part of the year is pleasant and the rainfall is also scanty.

The temple of Vaishnodevi is a cave temple which is located on top of the Trikuta Mountain. The temple is led through a narrow passage which goes to the main shrine. The gateway of the temple has a stretch of around 13 kms and devotees need to walk through this place. The gateway leads to a narrow entrance which is known as the Char an Ganga. The pilgrims need to pass through this place to come to the main shrine.

The aarti ritual of Goddess Vashnavi is performed two times in a day. The first aarti takes place at dawn while the second aarti is performed during the evening. During the period of the aarti, the temple is closed for the pilgrims. The aarti is performed by chanting the name of Vaishnavi hundred and eight times.

Being a well known pilgrimage center, there are plenty of lodging centers which cater to the accommodation needs of the pilgrims. There are hotels, lodges, and dharamshalas and so on. They are equipped with pleasant facilities and services

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