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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Unforgettable trip to Haridwar - Rishikesh

It was the 9th day of April, when we were going for Haridwar-Rishikesh trip. We started travelling by train in late evening and reached Haridwar on 10th April at morning.The morning was quite cold as we were not ready for such a chill weather, we just wraped ourselves with clothes.

We searched for a “dhramshala” for 1-2 hrs. Here we came to know that why tourists in India are forced to accept “thagi”. Everyone there has his own business, they have no need to search job outside, because for them money flow is coming automatically, only they have to set up the business and grab the money. So that is good for living purpose, as people are close to their family so they have forced to have some morality aspect with them.
So As we had already opted for travel package, we went to our contractor and after that we moved with guide for trekking, we went to see waterfall, it was nice .After that we went for rappelling and at the end of first day the camping. So it was nice to spend time near to bank of Ganga. It was really a very awesome scene with awesome feelings. In evening and late evening we enjoyed there, there was bonfire which we enjoyed. One of our friend choose a girl named Nitika, he tried to flirt with her, but didn’t get enough time with her. Although we enjoyed that all. After that we had lanterns in front of our camps. Camps were nice and as we had chat till late night and as we felt cold we slept.

Next day on 11th April we have to go for rafting the river rafting. We had thought that it was just an event which we had to do, not too much excited. We were lucky that day that we got good company of a Denmark Girl, one sailor from Laddakh, and one local sailor cum guide. All persons were humorous and they made river rafting the best event of trip. There was very good scenes around us, we were enjoying body surfing in Ganga and there were some good rapids having interesting names like "Black Money", "Double Trouble" ,"Roller Coaster","Hilton & Terminator" which made us feel the power of water. We enjoyed that too much. Besides that exciting event of cliff jumping was awesome. Everything was awesome. After completing we went a high class Resort, where we took a long rest. We checked out the resort in mid of the day on 12th April.We came to Haridwar and rested in a cheap but a good hotel.Although we were missing our one friend and thinking if he would have been there then we have no time to rest. But as he was not there with us, we had taken rest. The rest was too long we rested till next afternoon. After noon we moved to “Har ki paidi” and “rope way to Mansa Devi mandir”. Both were good, noting special which I have to describe.
After that we moved to the Haridwar railway station, where we techies were not able to search our platform, that really made us laugh on system and on ourselves. After that we slept for few hours and reached in night back at home.In the morning all of us were tired .But at the end it was a nice trip indeed.

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